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You have to experience the sauna and spa treatments at Forum Sauna for yourself. Once you've visited us, you'll want to come back again – welcome!

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Sauna treatments

Come alone, with family, or with friends to enjoy steam yoga or a traditional sauna.

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Therapy saunas

Explore the SorrowSauna, Children's Traditional Sauna, SilenceSauna, and JoySauna!

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Cupping treatments

Traditional cupping treatments, cupping massages, and infrared sauna.

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Peat treatments

Wonderful peat treatments in the sauna!

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Seasonal treatments

Lovely seasonal treatments for every season!

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Spa treatments

We offer wonderful spa treatments for both women and men!

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At Forum Sauna, various sauna treatments for those arriving alone, in pairs, or in groups

Wonderfully relaxing sauna and spa treatments in Turku

Arrive at the sauna to quiet down, or offer your children a traditional way to get acquainted with our sauna culture. We also perform old folk healing treatments, such as cupping and peat treatments. If, on the other hand, you want to enjoy treatments tailored according to different seasons, there's plenty to choose from.

We also have various spa treatments from which you will surely find the perfect one for you. How about a rose sauna, celebration or bachelorette wash, or perhaps a life-salt bath? We offer something for children, adults, youth, and the elderly - also for the forever young.

On Fridays, you are welcome to the public sauna from 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm. Men and women have separate sauna and dressing areas.

Welcome to Forum Sauna in Turku!

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Sauna Shop Online Store

We also have an online store where you can get pure, organic-quality body care products for daily use. Order for home delivery or pick up your order directly from Forum Sauna! If you order and pick up directly from the Sauna Shop, then there are no shipping charges.

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Mervi Hongisto

I am the owner of Forum Sauna and SaunaMamma, and I have been an entrepreneur for 49-years. Over the years, I have expanded my expertise in human anatomy, various treatment methods and products, as well as in entrepreneurship.


  • Finnish Cuppers and Sauna Therapists Association, Chairperson
  • Finnish Sauna Society
  • Turku Businesswomen Association
  • Visit Turku

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Complementary Therapy Trainings / CV

  • Cupping training 1990
  • Finnish Cuppers Association trainings 1996-2015
  • Basic medical studies, Turku 1995–1998
  • Naturopathic training, natural health therapist, Helsinki 1997-2000
  • Reiki and energy treatments, Turku 2003
  • Sauna therapy trainer and developer 2005
  • Thai energy massage, Turku 2006
  • Natural therapy training, Tampere 2007
  • Entrepreneur's Idea Optima training EU 2006–2007
  • Oligotherapy and Soria Natural natural products, Spain 2008
  • Homeopathic consultant training, Pori 2009
  • Phytotherapy training 2010
  • Professional qualification in health product sales 2009–2010, Salo
  • Nutrition, Paula Heinonen, Frantsila 2010
  • Kinesio taping training 2013
  • Hirudotherapy / leech treatment 2013
  • Specialist qualification in health product productization 2013-2014, Rastor
  • Bamboo massage training 2015
  • Professional qualification for health product industry entrepreneur 2016-2017, Rastor
  • Craniosacral therapy 2016, Parkano
  • Concrete therapy 2018
  • Video coaching 2022

The History of Forum Sauna

Forum Sauna was established in 1926. At that time, the location was Yliopistonkatu 15, which had large sauna facilities with separate sections for men and women. Our family has owned the sauna since 1965. Then my father, Kalevi Salminen, bought the sauna together with his aunt Helmi Saari and her husband Eino Saari.

Forum Sauna ceased its operations at Yliopistonkatu in 1981. After that, we renovated the facilities of the Kurjenmäki spa, whose sauna building had been constructed in 1941. Forum Sauna reopened its doors at this Kurjenmäki spa location in 1981. Eino and Helmi Saari stopped running the sauna in 1988, and since then, Forum Sauna has been under my ownership.

Thus, the sauna is now run by the second generation, and it continues to operate both as a public sauna and a therapeutic sauna. It embraces new challenges and operational models while honoring the traditions, appearance, and spirit of old-time public saunas. The sauna stoves are oil-heated, and renovations have been made in the sauna steam rooms in recent years; both the benches and the walls have been tiled.

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