Spa Treatments

How about a heat treatment for the whole body with hot stones or a couple's sauna? Are you in need of a relaxing massage that also takes care of your skin? Do you feel tired and in need of extra energy? The spa treatments at Forum Sauna in Turku will make you feel reborn. You can also read more about our products here: Welcome to try

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Spa Treatments in Turku


Aromatherapeutic Spa Massage 75 €/person

Indulge in a luxurious full-body massage using Yang Living's wonderful aromatherapeutic products tailored to meet your specific needs. This entire treatment promotes relaxation, increasing joy and well-being. Based on the fragrances used, you receive precisely what you need at any given time.

Rose Sauna 75 €/person

In the Rose Sauna, journey amidst the most beautiful wild roses. Begin by cleansing with our rose products and applying a wild rose scrub to the skin, gently massaging in the warmth of the sauna. Following this, enjoy a refreshing foot bath and savor the cleansing Sauna Secret herbal tea, the perfect culmination to the rose sauna experience. The care products are from our own Sauna 7 Secrets range.

Celebration or Bachelorette Wash 30 €/person

In honor of a celebration or bachelorette party, a thorough wash ensures you step into your forthcoming event feeling refreshed.

Peat or Salt Massage 75 €/person

A full-body treatment in which either a combination of peat and salt is used for the massage, letting your body rejoice and fluids flow freely.

Life Salt Body Scrub / Energy Brushing 75 €/person

The body is initially brushed using an energy brush. Following this, the entire body is massaged using a mixture of salt and coconut oil, and then relaxed in the sauna, which stimulates metabolism and smoothens the skin.

Life Salt Bath 60 €/person

A relaxing alkaline Life Salt bath complemented with a warm, balancing rest.

Bliss of Treatment Sauna 75 €/person

A soothing wash and massage wash. Calm body massage. The body is grateful, suitable for 1-2 persons.

Hot stones 75 €

A relaxing heat treatment for the entire body using hot lava stones. The heat treatment concludes with an energy balance.

Couples Sauna 150 €-220 €/2 persons

Offerings include:
- Turf Sauna: warmth and ambiance of the sauna combined with the touch and health benefits of turf. A wonderful shared moment with your loved one. 150 €
- Cupping: cupping treatments for both, and the body jointly appreciates. An incredible shared experience! total 220 €
- Pampering Treatment: Face to Face and Bath Broom: a customized shared pampering moment involving whisking, washing, massage wash, clay face mask, and foot bath. Those who have experienced this have felt joyfully relaxed, customized experience 160 €

All treatment products and towels are included in the treatments, as are juices and herbal tea.

Bridal Bath/ Bridal Wash/ Bridal Massage/ Everyday Hero, 30 €/person

Special attention to the bride during a bachelorette party, preparing her with beauty for the big day. Also perfectly suitable for birthdays, celebrating a new phase in life, or even commemorating a work achievement.

Cinderella's Treatment Sauna 75 €/person

With the combined power of salt and honey, along with the alliance of clay, Cinderella is blissfully taken to a state of serenity.

Cinderella's treatment sauna is suitable for 2-6 persons.

Bamboo Massage 85 €/person

Strengthens the connective tissue and smoothes the skin. Bamboo massage is a deep-tissue and relaxing full-body treatment.

Detox Foot Bath 35 €/person

When combined with another treatment, the cost is 30 €. As a double treatment with infrared sauna + detox foot bath, the price is 50 €.

Hirudotherapy/ Leech Therapy 85 €

The treatment always begins with cleansing the entire circulatory system starting from the lower back. The subsequent session is scheduled 1-2 weeks later, targeting the problem area. We recommend at least three treatment sessions. If possible, we also suggest a cupping session before hirudotherapy. (4-5 leeches are applied in a session.)

Craniosacral Therapy Treatments 85 €

Craniosacral therapy is a full-body treatment that gently balances the operation of the cerebrospinal fluid.

The full-body treatment lasts 1.5 hours.

Naturopathic Support Services 75 €

Nutritional and trace element counseling combined with gastrointestinal problem treatments in a single session lasting 1.5 hours.

Ear Candle Treatment 35 €

Provides relief for allergies, feelings of congestion, and general ear care. Not suitable for treating ear infections.

Energy Treatment: Full treatment, 75 €/person, approx. 1.5 h

Energizes and balances the entire body and mind.

Cellulite Treatment: Heart's Delight / Honey Slapping, 70 €/person, suitable for 2-6 persons

An ancient Tibetan treatment method. The benefits of honey massage/rhythmic lifting for the body include: improving blood circulation and metabolism, treating back and joint issues, being effective against acne, exfoliating dead skin cells, assisting with colds and respiratory strain, revitalizing lymphatic functions, eliminating uric acids (e.g., gout), balancing hormonal functions, regulating blood pressure and heart function, reducing cellulite and promoting toxin removal, aiding digestion, and enhancing overall well-being. Honey massage is often applied to the back or areas with cellulite. It is also suitable for facial acne and can be combined with other treatments.

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