Peat treatment

Forum Sauna in Turku also offers peat treatments. Peat is a traditional remedy that folk healers have used in Finland for hundreds of years. Peat is used to treat conditions such as atopic skin, psoriasis, ulcers, allergic reactions, thinning of the skin, as well as rheumatic pains and aches, among many others. We are happy to provide more information, so please contact us if you are interested in peat treatments.

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Peat Treatments in Turku

General Peat Group Sauna 40 €/person

Organized every last Friday of the month from 18:00 to 20:00. Reserve your spot on the benches! Bring a water bottle and towels. Soap and herbal tea are included in the price.

Group Peat Sauna, 40 €-800 €/person, 5-20 people

The minimum group price is 200 € (if there are less than 5 people in the group). Approximately 2 hours are reserved. Treatment time in the peat is 35 min. All therapeutic saunas include "Sauna's 7 Secrets" soap, face cream, and herbal tea. Bring your own water bottle and towel.

Couples' Peat Sauna 150€ for 2 people/2h

The warmth and ambiance of the sauna, the touch of peat, and its health benefits. Wonderful quality time for couples.

Peat Bath 80 €/person

Salt and honey are mixed into the peat to get a more therapeutic and moisturizing result with an individualized version. Time reserved for the bath treatment is 2h, and treatment time in peat is 45 min.

Peat/Salt Scrub Massage 75 €/person

A full-body treatment that your body will thank you for, and fluids flow.

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