Spa Treatments Price List

The spa treatments at Forum Sauna in Turku will leave an indelible impression on you. There are various forms of therapeutic saunas, cupping and peat treatments, seasonal and spa treatments, as well as a general sauna session. Something for everyone, whether coming alone, as a pair, or in a group – welcome!

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General sauna and various sauna treatments in Turku

General sauna and wash, sauna fee 15 € and wash 15 €, towel rental 2€

In the general sauna, you can wash yourself, but choose a wash and scrub when you want pampering, and you can enjoy the wonderful luxury of the sauna. You can book a wash when you come to the sauna. The general sauna is on Fridays from 15:00 to 18:00.

Family sauna 30 €/person

In the family sauna, there's time to sauna for one hour. Children under school age are free of charge.

Private sauna 30 €/person

Private sauna for 5-20 people. Minimum charge 150 €. Sauna time is two hours. Additional hour 100 €/sauna.

Infrared sauna 20 €/person, 2-6 persons 15 €/person

Infrared wellness bag, 1-2 persons, 40€ / person.

Organic sauna 75 €/person

In the organic sauna, you get to enjoy a wash, scrub, foot bath, clay facial scrub, and a birch whisk. Organic sauna treatments warm, cleanse, refresh, and energize.

Steam yoga / sound bowl treatment 25 €/person

Steam yoga in the sauna, to which relaxing sound bowls have been added for deep relaxation. The treatment includes a shower, cleaning products, and herbal tea after the steam yoga. Bring a water bottle, swimsuit or other outfit, and a small towel. For 2-6 people.

Also, explore our therapeutic sauna, cupping treatment, peat treatment, seasonal treatments and spa treatments and book your time!

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