Therapy saunas

Are you seeking solace for your grief or wish to find a quiet place where you'll also receive tender care? Would you like to teach your children the traditions of the sauna? Or perhaps you'd simply prefer to bask in bubbly joy with friends? All of this is made possible by the therapeutic sauna treatments at Forum Sauna in Turku. Welcome!

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Therapeutic saunas in Turku

GriefSauna, individual treatment €100/2h

What is grief? It encompasses much of life; it is one of the significant forms of our existence, and we experience it every day. Yet, it brings joy and consolation when we can remember the subject of our sorrow so profoundly, comprehensively, and holistically. 

By reminiscing, we deepen our life and become aware of this moment and the past as a tangible whole. Grief is tears, pain, fear, horror, coping, actions, shouts, discomfort, longing, glances, tears, suppressed emotions, memories, a constraining sensation, a heart bursting, and letting go. Yet, it also provides relief, memories, laughter, tenderness, touch, smiles, and joy. Collectively, grief is the desire to help, to give time, to caress, to hold hands, to touch, to utter words, to remember, to let time pass, to pause and reflect, and it embodies love, friendship, connection, silence, and life!

GriefSauna is your way to deal with grief, its diversity, its object, the longing it brings, yourself, and your life with grief. Let the GriefSauna help. It's a healing act. A treatment that gives and carries towards a feeling, turning grief into a memory, which is not so heavy to bear, and into a feeling that consoles and brings love.

In the treatment, we use the comforting warmth of the sauna, calming lavender products, gentle touch, washing, compresses, LifeSalt, and tolerance. You can take home a lavender soap, which can be used time after time to wash away what is no longer needed. The individual treatment includes everything needed: juice and herbal tea, towels, and washing products.

If you wish to use the GriefSauna multiple times, you'll receive a 20% discount on the treatments.

Children's Traditional Sauna, €25/ 5-10 persons/ 2h

“More steam, more steam, this doesn't feel like anything!” The children's traditional sauna can be done together with friends. First, they are introduced to the secrets of the sauna, its significance, and its health benefits. The children can share their own sauna memories and what they love most about the sauna. In the sauna, they wash each other's backs and use a birch whisk (vihdotaan/vastotaan), all accompanied by singing. Afterward, they cool down together, drink grandma's juice, and also wash the towels traditionally with a washboard.

There's no specific age limit, as an adult can also accompany the children. Washing products, juice, and a small snack are included in the price, but please bring your own water bottle and towel. If the sauna session is, for example, a birthday celebration, you can also bring your own treats.

Oh, if only I could convey to you this wonderful children's tradition day with its sauna sessions better. I thank all the children and adults. It's the greatest thing to witness children in the sauna saying, while using the birch whisk, that this is wonderful!

Silence Sauna, €100/ person for 1-5 persons/ 2h

In the Silence Sauna, one can sauna alone or together, but nothing is spoken during the sauna session. Before entering the sauna, there's a discussion about what will be done and how things will proceed, and a short walk is taken, considering the weather, either outside or indoors. There's a pause, a look in the mirror, a letting go, a moment of sitting, a path is walked, and there's a hug. Then, in silence, one heads to the shower and the sauna, and the therapist provides an exfoliating treatment and brings beverages.

In the silence and candlelight, only the stove speaks, and the scents and atmospheres are awakeners to our senses. In the warmth and safety, you can let go of everything you no longer need. Welcome it, be aware of it, and let it go, along with the bathwater!

Everyone saunas according to their own needs, washes off the exfoliant, wraps themselves in a sheet, and in silence drinks herbal tea and hears a story from the therapist. After this, there's a return to reality and an opportunity to share our feelings with the other sauna-goers. The treatment includes towels, a sheet, washing products, exfoliation, juices, and herbal tea.

Joy Sauna, €100/ person for 1-6 persons/ 2h

This sauna bubbles with joy and happiness. You can come to the Joy Sauna alone or together, as shared joy is multiplied. In the Joy Sauna, you can laugh and sing, shriek and crow, be happy about anything. The warmth of the sauna amplifies the feeling with friends and is intensified by the scents.

The individual treatment in Joy Sauna takes place in a bath, just like Miss Helga in her bath – delightful! A rosy wash and exfoliation, a soak, and relaxation. As a group, we execute the Joy Sauna more boisterously, laughing, using birch branches, with communal rose washes, exfoliations, and a rosy footbath. All wash products, exfoliations, towels, juices, and herbal teas are included in the price.

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