Cupping treatment

Forum Sauna also offers various cupping therapy forms in Turku. Cupping is an ancient folk healing method, based on the humoral theory's way of thinking about our body's fluids, which can become imbalanced due to illnesses or ailments. The purpose of cupping is to restore the balance of our body's fluids. Welcome to enjoy our cupping, cupping massage, and our infrared sauna! You can also learn more about cupping on the website

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Cupping Treatments in Turku

Cupping 110 €/person

Traditional blood cupping, sauna, washing products, birch whisk, drinks, herbal tea, and towels included.

Cupping Massage & Infrared Sauna 70 €/person

Dual treatment with deep heat.

Cupping Massage 55 €

Recommended as a follow-up treatment 1-2 weeks after cupping, with two treatments recommended one week apart.

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